2nd Cole Harbour Group

Bring on the Adventure


Bring on the adventure

A little about us      Activity Schedule 2009 - 10

Where:   _____ School, ___ Drive

Regular Meetings:   

Activity Schedule 2009 - 10:   See the list of activities

Open to:   boys and girls, 5 - 7 years old (kindergarten to grade 2)

Contact Leader:   [Scouter Name], [phone]

What if I'm interested:   contact [Scouter Name] for more information. Beavers can invite a friend to attend up to two regular meetings (at no cost) to see if they would like to join. Parents are asked to call to arrange a "Bring a Friend" visit.

Parent Guide:   Beaver Parent Guide. Refer to parent guides for additional documents.

Registration:   2nd Cole Harbour Group is accepting registrations for youth and adults. Please refer to Join Us for more information about fees and application forms.

How to Join:   Take a look at our Join Us page for detailed instructions on how to join Beavers. We are always looking for parent volunteers to serve as leader or to assist with a tour, trip, camp, hike or regular meeting activity. If you are interested, please mention it to your Section Leader.