2nd Cole Harbour Group

Bring on the Adventure

Group Fundraising

Bring on the adventure

Fundraising is an important part of every scouting group. Let's face it, it costs money to run programs, camps, buy badges, equipment, craft supplies, uniforms, etc. and do all of the other fun stuff that we’ve come to expect in Scouting.

Our Funds come from...

  • Registration fees: However, our policy has been to keep these as low as possible, so that we do not create a barrier to membership in the group.
  • Popcorn sales: Each fall we sell Scout Popcorn. Sixty Percent (60%) of the proceeds of the sale of this popcorn goes to supporting youth -- 40% of it stays with our Scout Group. Youth members can earn Group Scout Bucks which can be used to offset personal costs.

Registration Fees

  • The bulk of registration fees are used to pay for individual insurance converage for each reistered youth and leader.
  • Registration fees do not cover the costs of uniforms, camps or other costs. Those must be covered by other fund raising activities.

Bring on the adventure

Popcorn Sales

Scout Popcorn is normally on sale through the month of October and November. This is the principle fund raising activity for our Group and if diectly affects the quality of the camps, tours and other activities. Check out these additional resources: