2nd Cole Harbour Group

Bring on the Adventure

Who .. me ?

Why are you here

So, someone has noticed you and asked if you would like to be a leader ... or maybe you have a desire to be a leader.

The important thing to determine is ... are you prepared to make that decision yet?

Read on to see if you can make the commitment.

Why become a Scouter ?

"Scouters" are leaders who are dedicated men and women who commit their time and efforts to developing young people intellectually, spiritually, and physically.

So why become a leader? Here are a few common reasons:

  • Share the adventure of a lifetime with your kids... Make memories you'll keep forever
  • Enjoy the outdoors and learn new skills
  • Make new friends and be part of a focused team
  • Spend quality time with your children
  • Have a lot of fun

Sounds good so far. So what do we expect of you? As an adult leader in Scouting, you should understand that Scouting expects you to "do your best" ... for our youth, for our young adults, and
for your fellow Scouters.

So here are our expectations of you as one of our leaders:

  • You come with a desire to provide our youth with leadership and a personal example of good citizenship.
  • You come prepared to take formal training to develop or improve the skills you need to deliver an effective program to the youth in your section
  • You will keep accurate records of the achievements of your youth; so that the Group Committee can accurately track the records or the Group's programs; and the achievements of its leaders and other members.
  • You will come with a sense of commitment to quality service based on the Mission, Principles, Practices and Methods of Scouting.
  • You will come prepared to devote the time necessary to provide the quality service which in turn leads to a sense of satisfaction from a job well done.
  • You will come prepared to bring fun into the program.

Steps to Leadership

Scouts Canada has developed VRAD (Volunteer Recruitment and Development) that dictates the steps we take to find, approve and train leaders. Here is what you can expect:

  • Step 1 - Initial Contact:   Either we have asked you or you have asked us about becoming a leader. That's why you are here right now.
  • Step 2 - Initial Application:   We ask that you fill out an Adult Application form.
  • Step 3 - Interview:   We are going to ask you to meet with our Group Commissioner and one other Scouter who want to ensure that understand our expectations and you are able and prepared to undertake the commitment.
  • Step 4 - Application Processing:   Scouting staff will process your application, perform a reference check and arrange for a PRC (Police Records Check).
  • Step 5 - Approval:   If your background check passes, then the Council Executive Director will approve and sign-off your application and you will be enrolled into Scouts Canada as an adult member.

If all goes well, a normal application takes two weeks to process and approve.

You're Approved ... What's Next ?

Our first goal is to ensure that you become comfortable and confident running program activities with the youth. As time goes on, you will be expected to take on more responsibility. Here is the general concept to get you ready:

Getting started

First, you will be mentored during a 3 month probation period:

  • You will be paired with a experienced leader to learn the ropes. You get a chance to see how to interact with the youth as a leader (and some tricks of the trade).
  • You will receive an orientation briefing and a Scouter's Handbook and other userful materials.
  • You'll visit the Scout Shop and buy a uniform and Leader's Handbook (keep the receipt so you get reimbursed).
  • You will study the Scout Mission, Promise, Principles and Code of Conduct.
  • You will get invested, just like the youth do.
  • You'll get to try your hand at running some activities under the watchful eye of your mentor

Within your first year

Within your first 12 months (we hope within your first 4 months) we want you to:

  • attend "Woodbadge One" - this 2-day course held during weekends throughout the Edmonton region, will ensure that you receive and practise the skills to plan and run activity programs, and properly administer the Section.

    Woodbadge gives you the skills so you can have "FUN while you LEAD".

  • attend "Standard First Aid" if you do not have a current certification.
  • attend other optional training courses for leaders that are available.
  • plan and run program activities, both indoor and outdoors, at regular meetings and at camps.
  • participate in preparing an "Annual Review" for the Section.
  • participate in preparing the "Annual Activity Plan" and "Annual Budget" for the coming year.